How to Buy OR Purchase Tron (TRX) Easily RIGHT NOW!


So you are  becoming more and more aware of the Tron(TRX) cryptocurrency. You  wan to know how to  buy or purchase this for yourself.  You might have  missed out on  bitcoin and other big  cryptocoins but you  don’t want the same thing to happen here too. Well this  was put together  so you  won’t miss out my friend. Plus  a short review of what Tron is and hopes to do.  Let’s get this  baby started!

So just in case you didn’t know. What is  tron(trx)?

Tron can be  described as  a blockchain- based decentralized protocol that aims to  build a global free content entertainment system with the use of  blockchain and distributed storage technology. The protocol will give each user the ability to publish, store, and own data. This will be in a decentralized autonomous form. Users will be able to decide distribution, subscription, and push of contents among other things. Tron tokens are the  official currency  of this blockchain based protocol.
Tron is currently the  6th cryptocurrency in the world among the top  10 as of Jan. 5 2018 according to  Coinmarketcap.

So now that you know all that…. How can  one buy Tron for themselves?
For those wanting to know how to  buy  tron you can do it  easily with a few different ways. The most straight forward way is to buy it off a cryptocurrency exchange market like binance.


But before you  buy it you will need to know how to store it. Your tron coins will need to be kept in a digital wallet. The most highly recommended one is to go to to create one.

When setting up your wallet you will be asked to download keystore file. You will download and   read and understand the warnings/instructions that are given to you.

*You will also want to  back up this file somewhere secure like a USB drive or  external hard drive*

Once this I done with this.
You will be given your own private key that  is unencrypted for your wallet. You will always want to keep your  private key  to yourself. If  you share it then anyone can  open up your wallet and take said coins.

You might want to print it out and  place it somewhere like a safe deposit box or  personal vault. You will also want to delete any reference to it on your computer or devices.
This will help if you ever get a virus, malware or visit a  site that has  malicious  advertisement code.

You can also  just print out a paper wallet that will have everything you need just in case you lose your keystore file.

 You can also choose to store your  cryptocurrency on a  hardware wallet too and there  are  several good ones to choose from like  trezor or ledger.
You  will need to use your address that is given to you  from  myetherwallet in order to  send  your newly bought  tron  to your wallet or holding. It is generally a long  string of letters and numbers labeled as  you r address. You can copy it and  also place it somewhere safe.

You will need to  buy ethereum in order to trade it in for  tron.  You can go to  a place like coinbase and purchase as much  ethereum as you want. There will be a link that gives you  $10 of  FREE BITCOINS if you use it and spend over  $100 provided below.
Once you sign up with coinbase and  purchase your ethereum. You will want to go to  binance to  exchange  ethereum for  TRON.


Create your  account at binance. It is  strongly recommended that you set up a 2 factor authentication on your account.

If a hacker does get a hold of your password the  second level of authentication security makes it difficult for them to  actually get into your account.
There is an app called Authy  that help with this on your smartphone or  web browser.

Once in your  binance account you go to “FUNDS” AND THE  HIT  “DEPOSITS WITHDRAWALS”

This will show any  coins you have  already  but it will probably be empty since you just set up your account. Type in  Ethereum in your search box.
Find ethereum and  then hit deposit. You will then be given an ethereum address to send your  etherreum from coinbase or whereever to it.

You will also want to copy this address and  keep it  safe. Make sure you  copy the address correctly  because if you  send to the wrong address you lose them.
You can go back to  coinbase  and  send your ethereum to  your  new  ethereum address on binance. It can take 20 to 60 minutes for them to appear once sent.
Once it shows up then you can go trade it for TRON  on Binance.



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