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In today’s video I am a gonna cover the very popular  Cryptoitties  dapp ( or decentralized application) Before I start going to  great detail about it  if you are excited to learn more about this   go ahead and hit that LIKE  button and hit SUBSCRIBE  to  the CryptoCashReady channel and don’t forget to  hit that little BELL NOTIFICATION button so you don’t miss out on  new content that is released to help benefit you and you  wallet$$$$

So without further a ado. I  did quite a bit of research on this new  CryptoKitties topic and let me tell you there is a  lots of  videos and articles to  review now. I  learned quite a lot and  today I am gonna share with you the most interesting, helpful, and cool things I have learned about this relatively  new  app.  My hope is that you find this  helpful whether you are a newbie to this or a have been  playing  Cryptokitties for a while.  So let’s get into it NOW!


The actual address for   the  cryptokitties game platform is and NOT There have been phishing attempts  by going to the latter one.

Ok now that that is done let’s begin!

#1 CrytoKitties is the first major Game to be  built on the  Ethereum Blockchain.
You may ask ok what does that mean or what is ethereum? Ethereum is a  cryptocurrency , a  type of  digital asset that is designed to work as a medium of exchange that puts to use  cryptography to  secure transactions, control creation of  additional units and to verify the transfer of assets.
Ethereum is a type of cryptocurrency  and it has what is called a blockchain.  A blockchain works as a digital ledger or  that keeps track of all trancactions done  using  the cryptocurrency in this case ethereum.
Cryptokitties runs on Ethereum’s blockchain as a  game and has been very successful at doing so.

#2 Crytokitties allows anyone to  buy, sell or breed their unique cryptokitten.
The whole purpose of the game is to  collect  these digital kitties. You can then breed them with other  kitties to   get  new offspring with  specific traits. You can sell these and make a profit or keep your kitties and use them for breeding to make a  profit as well.

#3 Each of the Kitties has a certain value to them and none of tem are the same!
Each of the kitties is essentially a token that lives on the  ethereum blockchain. It can’t be duplicated,destoryed, or messed with. It is totally yours. So you  have 100% ownership. What makes these really special is  unlike other  cryptocurrency like bitcoin where each unit has the exact same  value this is known as a ERC 20 token where i  2 people can exchange the same  unit and the are exactly the same.  These kitty tokens are  ERC 721  and all have slightly different values so  no 2 kitties are  exactly a like and makes the creation of new ones more exciting.

#4 The Crypto kitties game only  runs on Chrome or  Firefox  Browsers
So if you want  get in on the action you have to download or use chrome or  firefox. This is mainly because you are gonna need a special browser extension called Meta Mask. Meta mask is  basically  an online digital wallet that works with ethereum based apps like Cryptokitties.

#5 You also need Ether (ETH) in your Meta mask to fund your online play
So in order to buy, sell and breed you have to pay  fees on the  cryptokitties platform. The only way to pay for these fees is to  have  ether which is what is used to cover  transactions on the ethereum blockchain. This  similar to  bitcoin needing you to use bitcoins in order to keep track of and  verify payments with. You can get  ether  buy  buying directly through meta mask if you are in the US currently or you can buy some from an exchange like Coinbase. You can use my special link to  make your purchase of  ethereum through coinbase and when you have  spent at least $100 you can will get $10 back in bitcoins FREE and so will I. Thank you in advance for your support to this channel. The link will be in the description box and  also provide here:


Once you have purchased some  ether you can send it  over to your meta mask account by using the  address that is provided when you  hit the  meta mask browser extension and then the 3 dots then hit copy address and you can send ether from Coinbase or wherever to your meta mask one. Once you are ready you can hit start Meow and view the marketplace to get your first cat. Make sure to keep your  12 word seed word and files for met mask backed up and off main computer like on paper and not saved on your computer where hackers can get to it.

#6 Whenever you do a transaction on Cryptokitties it requires a certain amount of gas(which you payin ether)
Gas is basically you paying to have the transaction done. So if you  decided to buy a  cryptokitty and it  costs a certain amount you  hit buy and then you are provided a gas amount of how much it will take for your transaction to go through. Gas is required for just about everything you do on the platform that involves, selling breeding or buying a new cat.
Generally the more gas you pay the quicker your transaction will take place or complete. Gas basically bumps you up in the queue. 
For certain actions like buying a cat you see on the market can be very competitive. So you could hit the buy button and then  as soon as you submit your buy request it could have already been sold due to someoneesle having paid more gas to get their transaction through quicker. Be careful a lot of money can be  spent on gas and eat up your profits if you aren’t watchful.
Increasing  gas is most useful for when you want to buy a cat  that will probably  be off the market soon and you have a higher purpose for it other the  just mere ownership. (Like breeding )

#7 You can go to the ETH gas station website to learn about  current prices for ether
You can go to
To see average wait and average gas price for ethereum real quick. You can use  this information to go back and  set an average price on your metamask wallet as well.You  will need to  open up the meta mask browser extension to change this

#8 When buying your  cryptokitties In the market place you want to look for low generation numbers and fast cooldowns
As you are going through the market place you will want to look at the  generation number of the cat and  the cool down status. Generation numbers are basically  how many generations away from 0 it is. So for instance, if you see a gen 1 cat  and gen5 cat. You will generally want o got for the gen 1 because they generally perform better and have better traits. You always want to seek out the lowest  generation number you can get.  Some times this is not feasible because the price for lower generations are generally higher due to their rarity. So  aiming for gen 0, gen1, gen 2, and even gen 3 can all be good bets. These are sought out more and you can get more for them when it comes to selling or breeding with others.
You also want to look at cooldown times. These are basically how long it takes or  each  kitty to  recover after breeding has been performed. You want to see think  swift, fast and snappy and catonic is the worst  this means it can take up to a full week to recover.

#9 The Website works on a Dutch Auction Model
This means that when someone puts their kitty up for sell it starts at the highest price the seller is asking for but with time if the kitty doesn’t sell then the price steadily declines to  the lowest price the seller will take.  So you could wait to buy that kitty you want at a lower price but there is always a chance that  someone will buy it before you because they have enough to cover the costs. So keep this in mind.

#10 When breeding cats the offspring will always be  1 generation above the highest number  parent cat. So here ar e a few examples,
Gen10 + Gen 12= gen  13     Gen1 + gen2= gen 3     Gen0 + gen 1= gen 2
And NO  inbreeding is allowed. So the children can’t go back and breed with their parents. But  the children can breed with each other as far as I know. Also there is no  female or male. So  any cat can breed with any other cat apparently.

#11 Originally  there was  release of  new  Founder’s Kitties every 15 minutes but this has stopped
So this means that there shouldn’t be anymore new generation 0 cats remaining. All kitties new are  generated  directly from  breeding at this point.

#12 Everytime you  breed your  Kitties their cooldown time increases
So when you decide to start breeding your kitties  afterwards their cool down time which is  recovery will  increase. Eventually they will get to a point where they are super slow. So keep an eye out on this  and it can also be a good indicator of when to buy a new  kitty or sell an old one.

#13 Check out the Kitty Index to Understand the Rarity of your kitties
There is a website called  Cryptokittiesdex that can show you how  rare certain traits are and if your  cat has them.  Some of the rarest  traits  or cattributes (as the main site refers to them as) are bubblegum  and fabulous.

#14 You can sort   cats in the marketplace by filter real easy
You are given options in the sorting drop down box like   cheapest, most expensive , and youngest. You can click each cat individually to checkout their cattributes or  traits and look for  rare traits to potentially get  offspring with those same traits.
You can install a script that will automatically tell you what cattributes each kitty has without having to click on each one. You simply need to install tampurmonkey app. Once you have this installed you will go  to  new script and create new script. Then go to and get script for  cryptokitties choose raw and copy it on to your tampermonkey. Then in the future when you use  cryptokitties it will automatically display rarities for each cat on the  marketplace screen without needing to  go to click on each one.

#15 Try to aim for  attractive features when buying new cats
Generally the more   attractive ones  go for more money. So  feature  like sad eyes, thick  eyebrows  or googly eyes generally are sought out less by  buyers and those looking to breed with yours.

#16 You can make money by  allowing your cat or cats to breed with others.
You can put your cat out for  siring. This is where you allow your cat to breed with other cats and you receive ether payment in return and the other person  gets to keep the offspring. You can also can go look for  those putting their cats out for siring and  receive offspring and payout ether to them.

So when you decide to breed whether with someonesle cat or  your own cats. Once breeding is done you  will receive a message saying “bun in the oven”.This means your cat will soon produce a  kitten of its very own. This can take a couple of hours to complete but at least at this point you are on your way!

#18  The platform isn’t down your meta mask is
Sometimes when you go to your “My Kitties” page on it may show a spinning circle and you may think the platform is  down. Chances are you need to  log back into your metamask account. The metamask browser will automatically log you out after a time being. So keep this in mind.

#19 Make sure to  READ THE FAQS section on the website
This will generally answer most questions that newbies might  have about  cryptokitties in general. It is pretty well thought out  and humorous at times. So it might be worth checking out just for the heck of it!

#20 Check out and for even more help  is a website that  can tell you the value of your cryptokitties based on real market data by searching auctions for combinations of rare traits and various other things is  cattributes predictor that  allows you to take any 2 cat ids you want and  see what they could possibly generate if bred together.
There is lots to learn in the new Cryptokitties universe and we are  probably only just getting started.

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Again if you  don’t have ether to fund your  cryptokitties adventures. You can  get some and get back $10 in FREE BITCOINS when you spend at least $100 at the special link I provide below  or go  and hit one of THE GET FREE BITCOINS links  there! 

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