What the Heck is Tron (TRX) and Why Buy Tronix?

Ok so  you  too have been hearing  about  this  cryptocurrency called Tron. What  is tron or trx coin? Why in the world should you  invest or  buy it? Well this was  created just for you! Well this  presentation will strive to get you lots of good information.  You are advised to go look up more about  Tron on  the  main cryptocurrency website and especially check out the white paper that explains more   in-depth about what  this  cryptocoin has to offer.

First what is  Tron coin?

 This is a cryptocurrency  created by the Tron Foundation with a purpose to use blockchain technology to  create a decentralized entertainment content distribution platform or network. Tronix is the main currency or  token on  for this blockchain network. The tokens are referred to  as  tron and is  traded as #trx on  cryptocurrency exchange markets.

tron trx coin

What Do the Creators hope to do?

The creators of this hope to  build a more  free and open entertainment  internet. They realize that a lot of the big players like Google, Amazon, Facebook and more hold a lot of  user data and traffic. This new  Tron blockchain network hopes to  decentralize this  and allow it’s users to   benefit more  directly  from their own content.

So people like musicians and video makers will be able to  create content and  receive payment  directly  for their  work in tron tokens. This is  different them having  to go through a third party like  google or facebook  who automatically  takes a piece  of the pie for themselves since  users are on their network.


Why  should you  buy Tron #trx cryptocurrency over other  cryptocurrencies being offered?

Well first it has a great team behind it. The team is being  guided by Justin Sun. You may ask what in the world is Justin Sun. Well let’s briefly  review his  track record. He   graduated from  Pensylvania State, and was  the former  chief representative in China for the Ripple coin. He  is the protégé of Jack Moll, the guy behind Alibaba one of the  biggest ecommerce  websites in the world! Justin Sun also worked on  the  China app Peiwo app that has over  10 million users. So this guy along with some others on the team  bring some force , experience and  reputation to the   team.
He and others working also realize that  Tron’s dream or  objective won’t be accomplished overnight. They  anticipate it taking up to  8 more years for  completion of the full plan. In other words they are in it for  the long run!

Price Predictions for TRON (TRX) this Cryptocoin?

Well upon it’s first release it was at  .002 cents and then it  hopped up to .045 on  dec 19, 2017 around  2150% increase. This is quite impressive. It has since then   gone to .082 cents USD as of January 19 2018. So there has been almost a double in increase since  Dec. it  does look to be going up, steadliy. So if a person was interested in it now might be  good time to take action.



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