What is Deeponion(ONION) coin cryptocurrency? DeepOnion Explained FAST

So did you want to know  what exactly is  DeepOnion (with cryptocurrency  exchange market ticker symbol ONION) coin? This is the place to  learn swiftly. I too was wondering about this  cryptocoin. I  started hearing  other  people who are  active in the  cryptocurrency space  bring it up and saying how they were  investing in it. I thought well I need to  learn more about this one. So without further ado here it comes!

So first what  exactly is it and what  are the features?

Well Deeponion is  cryptocurrency or  alternative coin  that   is like bitcoin but has several upgrades and  enhancements to line up with the TOR network. Deeponion is the blockchain  that it is  generated on  and  kept track of with. You may also wonder about the TOR network. Well to give you a brief summary it is an online alternative  internet network that promotes  anonymity, invisibility  and  intracable web activity for it’s users. This  is excellent for someone who doesn’t want their online activities to be tracked or  spied on  by big networks or governments.

The  deeponion coin like it’s network also features a lot of the  same  features . These include untraceable  payments. So if you  send a payment to someone or vice versa they can’t  track be  traced back to them or you.
It will also  support highly  secure transactions with one of the  most secure digital wallets available. It is specifically designed to  keep your identity safe from government or prying eyes.

This cryptocurrency  will also allow for instant payments. No more long  waiting times to get your  spendable coin. This is a common issue with most  major cryptocoins like bitcoin that can take several minutes or  hours  depending on how complex the  transaction is. This works  both when sending and receiving onion coins.

Deeponion cryptocurrency
Deeponion coins hopes to make  blockchain privacy top priority

How does Deeponion it work?

It  primarily works by taking 2 concepts which are proof of stake and  proof of  work and making them work together to  create the  onion coins. This again is all  conducted on the TOR network. The coins are mostly premined.

Where can you get onion coins?

There are actually several ways to obtain it. There are  free airdrops where  users who  complete  certain task on the  deeponion network receive them automatically. You will want to go to the  deeponion website to learn more about this. Keep in mind you will need a Bitcoin Talk account (BCT)   in order to start  to collect onions in this manner,  through VIP domination, or bounties. Again all of this is explained on the main site.

You can also  go to  cryptocoin exchanges to  get them directly. Exchanges that currently trade this are  Bisq,Trad Satoshi,Cryptopiamarket, kucoin, and there are several more. So if you have the money you can go invest in it  pure and  simple. The price as of  jan 20th 218 was a 11.23 and the price back in dec 21 2017 was 3.19 so there is definitely  growth potential.

So what is Deeponion coin ?

It is an altcoin that  is all about  invisibility, untracable  payments, fast payment confirmations and the protection of privacy of it’s users. If you believe in this  then  this coin could just be the one for you.


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